Top 10 best Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

The impressive new Samsung Galaxy S7 has got an excellent display which you as an owner of the device wouldn’t want to see getting damaged. The kind of busy lives we lead, the daily wear and tear can pretty easily damage the device.  The screen of Galaxy S7 is one of the most likely places to suffer scratches or get broken. This can be prevented with the help of a screen protector. Below you’ll find the top 10 screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone –


List of Best Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

Ionic Pro Ultra Tempered Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

Ionic’s tempered glass screen protector is made of material that utilizes advanced technology to shield and protect your Samsung Galaxy S7. The screen protector leaves slight space around the edges to avoid sticking out at the edges of the phone. The design of the light weighted screen protector is perfect and complimentary to your device.

  1. The protector is anti-scratch, crack, or shatter.
  2. It’s got a polished finish giving it a smooth feel when sliding and swiping the screen.
  3. 9H hardness prevents the screen from scratching.
  4. The protector is 0.3 mm thick and is completely shatter proof.

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Tech Armor HD Ballistic Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

The Ballistic Glass Screen protector pays for itself as the first line of defense from scratches and drops. The Ballistic Glass Screen Protector Kit comes with one screen protector, installation Instructions, alcohol cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, dust removal tape and lifetime replacement warranty.

  1. Protects from scratches to high impact drops.
  2. Precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges, provides high definition clarity and touch screen accuracy.
  3. The discreet outer lining has been custom color matched to blend seemlessly with your Galaxy S7, giving your device a sleek look while retaining optimal protection from drops, scuffs and scratches.

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CellBee Shielding Gladiator Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

This high impact-resistant screen protector for your phone surface is manufactured by CellBee. Shielding Gladiator is designed using a series of shock-absorption layers and utilizes a custom formulated polymer that offers superior impact resistance and excellent transparency.

  • The screen protector has got anti-oil coating, that helps avoid smudges and reduce fingerprints.
  • It protects the screen from scratch & accident drops.
  • Tempered glass screen protector is made of chemical processed glass, which has excellent window display, high sensitivity and comfortable touch feeling.

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amFilm Premium Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

amFilm premium glass protector is the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. The screen protector is both durable and scratch resistant. The protector is mere .33mm therefore doesn’t add bulk to your phone. It is designed to be 99.99% transparent to promote an optimal, natural, crystal clear viewing experience.

  1. The screen protector perfectly protects the curves of the phone and neatly slides into place without any hassle.
  2. The package includes glass screen protector (front), one PET screen protector (back), micro-fiber cleaning cloth, plastic squeeze card and guide to installation and guide.

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Trianium Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

One of the premium screen protector makers, Trianium has yet once again come up with an excellent product for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone. There’s an ultra clear Shock-resistant layer under the glass. It has got high touch sensitivity.

  1. World’s thinnest 0.2mm tempered glass screen protector.
  2. Crystal clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.
  3. 3X stronger than the PET film.
  4. Specially designed shock-damping layer is able to take at least 5 times the impact specially designed shock-damping layer is able to take at least 5 times the impact.

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DaliNova Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

What truly makes a company great is the quality of the products, the knowledge in the marketplace that you can always count on to get the job done. DaliNova is just the thing for you. This is the ultimate screen protection without having to sacrifice user experience.

  1. The screen is made of high grade, hard coated glass resistant to any drops and scratches.
  2. Just 3 easy steps in installing this screen protector and it’s good to go.
  3. Laser-cut dimensions protector that provides unlimited protection for the entire touchscreen surface of your Galaxy S7.
  4. Provides multiple protection from accidental scratches, dust and daily wear and tear.
  5. Lifetime guarantee provided by DaliNova.

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JETech 3-Pack Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

JETech 3-Pack Screen Protector guards the Samsung Galaxy S7 from scratches and finger-prints and is made from the highest quality tempered glass. It has an extraordinary Extouch capacity that allows the touch screen of the device to remain fully responsive after the screen protector is pasted on it.

  1. This particular screen guard is three times stronger than a regular screen protector film.
  2. The protector gives around 99.99% high definition clarity.
  3. The screen protector provides hassle-free, bubble-free installation.
  4. Does not leave sticky residue when removed.

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Bowhead Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

Designed for maximum protection, the Bowhead Galaxy S7 screen protector is an extremely durable screen protector. The screen protector’s bubble-free adhesive is designed to adhere to your phone without air pockets.

  1. The glass is ultra thin, ultra-clear high-definition with a 2.5D curved edge.
  2. The screen protector is designed to maintain Galaxy S7 touch sensitivity and touch-screen accuracy.
  3. With industry-leading glass strength of 9H hardness, it protects your phone from high impact drops, scratches, bangs and scrapes.
  4. It protects your phone from high impact drops, scratches, bangs and scrapes.
  5. And while installation if any bubbles that do occur should disappear within 1-2 days.

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iCarez Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

Made of high definition matte material, different from ordinary matte film with obvious pixel, enjoy your visual feast. Its anti-glare feature makes the display legible even under the strong sunlight, anti-reflection and anti-UV reducing your eye strain.

  1. Made with latest Japanese nano technology, oleophobic and hydrophobic coating of the screen protector makes smudges and dirt are not easy to stay on the screen protector surface.
  2. Made of environment-friendly materials, you can install the screen protector without the fear of bubbles underneath.
  3. The screen remains smooth and responsive even after sticking the iCarez screen protector.

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Supershieldz Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

This high definition transparency film ensures maximum resolution. Then protector comes with real touch sensitivity that provides flawless touch screen accuracy. Made from the highest quality Japanese PET Film with 100% bubble-free adhesives for easy installation and leaves no residue when removed.

  1. The screen protector is made of Optical Grade Crystal Film which is custom cut to ensure a perfect fit to your phone.
  2. It provides five layered protection. The hardened protective mask prevents deep cuts from damaging your device.
  3. Added to these Supershieldz offers lifetime warranty program.

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Wrap Up:

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Top 10 best Galaxy S7 Screen Protector
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